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COPY-Governor Walker weighs on in MU poll, State of the Union Address

WISCONSIN DELLS (WKOW) -- Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) says he is very encouraged by some of the numbers from the Marquette Law School Poll released Monday.

The Governor spoke to the Department of Workforce Development's Apprenticeship Conference Tuesday, fresh off the news he has a six-point lead over Democratic challenger Mary Burke.

But the Gov. Walker is most excited about his 12-point lead among independent voters.

"It suggests that people who aren't firmly Republican, aren't firmly Democrat, but people who are willing to listen, who are persuadable one way or the other - one of the best things about what they said yesterday is overwhelmingly, those people are favoring what we're doing and that's a good sign," said Gov. Walker.

The Governor touted the benefits of expanded job training at the conference, saying its a better path to success for low-income workers than a minimum wage hike.

It is something he wants President Obama to mention in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

"The kind of jobs that most of these apprenticeships lead to pay about double what they're proposing to raise the minimum wage," said Gov. Walker.  "And so, as opposed to putting out something and trying to look like you're raising the minimum wage, to me the better way is go out and help people get the training they need to fill these jobs."

Governor Walker says the President could have a lot of success with those proposals, because they were very popular and got broad bipartisan support here in Wisconsin.

"I think the same thing would hold true nationally.  The more the President said about that tonight the more people like me will want to cheer," said Gov. Walker.

Democratic candidate for Governor Mary Burke suggests Walker's example isn't one to follow.  In a recent op-ed piece, she pointed to Wisconsin's 37th ranking in job creation as a sign that the state is still lagging in growth.

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