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Angie's List: Wallpaper is Back in Style

Undated (WXOW) - After fading from popularity decades ago, wallpaper is making a comeback, but it’s nothing like what you remember seeing in your grandma’s kitchen.

According to Angie's List, wallpaper became less popular because it was a nightmare to remove and even more difficult to apply.  However, Susan Colvin, an interior designer, said some of today's wallpaper is easier to remove.  She adds if you are looking for an alternative to paint, wallpaper can bring color and texture to any room. 

You can get pattern, multiple colors, and so there’s a lot of style in wallpaper," said Colvin.  "Plus, you can express some individuality that you’re not necessarily doing just with paint.”

The most common wallpaper types are vinyl and fabric.

A lot of wallpaper is made with vinyl coatings, to make it easier to clean," said Colvin. "Not all wallpapers are that way, but a lot of wallpaper you can actually wash down fairly well. So there are a little easier to maintain than perhaps some paint.”

Wallpaper installation can cost $10 to $100 or more per roll. For wallpaper removal, pricing is typically based on labor and materials, but an average room can be done for around a couple of hundred dollars.

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