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As Assembly passes tax cut, Burke proposes her own plan

MADISON (WKOW) -- The State Assembly approved Governor Scott Walker's $504 million tax cut proposal Tuesday, but its not going any further right now due to a deadlock in the Senate.

As the Governor tries to get 17 senators to agree to the proposal, his opponent is using the delay to lay out her own plan for the state's $977 million projected surplus.

Mary Burke (D) says she believes Governor Walker's tax cut proposal is irresponsible.

"Walker's approach is to borrow and spend, and it's left us in weaker position financially," said Burke, laying out her plan at Democratic Party of Wisconsin headquarters.

Burke would use half of the surplus to pay off debt and bolster the state's rainy day fund, the other half would go towards a property tax break.

'And especially if you're using the first dollar credit, the credit to homeowners, that tax cut will be larger than what it is under Walker's plan," said Burke.

The first dollar credit provided a tax break on the first $6,400 worth of value on a home in 2013, but that number would go up under Burke's plan.
"I don't know that she has the experience with surpluses, because in her time in government they didn't have any, so, its kind of an interesting conversation she's leading," said Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette), referring to Burke's time as the State Commerce Secretary under former Gov. Jim Doyle.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) also jumped on Burke's plan, saying she has no credibility on the issue.

"When she stands up and says that the money should stay in Madison's checkbook, so that she would get a chance to spend it if she became Governor, as opposed to putting it back in the pockets of moms, dads, families, businesses all across the state to grown the economy, she's got a really tough sell," said Rep. Vos.

But its the Governor's plan that continues to be tough for Speaker Vos to sell to Senate Republicans.

When a reporter asked Vos what the discussions have been like between him and Senate leaders recently, he stared blankly for about five seconds and then said, "That's our discussion."

Assembly Democrats put forth amendments today that would have altered the Governor's tax plan to make it look very similar to Burke's, but they were all rejected.

Tuesday evening, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald  told 27 News that he expects to have enough support on a compromise to Gov. Walker's tax cut proposal to bring it to the Joint Finance Committee by the end of February.

Sen. Fitzgerald said he believes that compromise will not reduce the amount of the actual tax cut itself.
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