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Fit Friday Web Extra: Resistance Bands


(WXOW) -- Snap Fitness Trainer Jordan Rudolph details the benefits of supplementing a body-weight workout with resistance bands.

Rudolph said, "You can bring one of these bands with anywhere you go. These are going to be really essential because as you can see, they roll up super tiny. You can pack these in a purse, duffel bag, book bag, anything like that. They can extend to be really long, and they come in different resistances. They range from like 5 pounds to 100. You just have to find one that matches well. Usually I'll tell clients to grab a ten or 15 or a band that's within that range. Sometimes they come in ranges. Then you can do different types of exercises with this--whether its biceps curls or some sort of overhead press or a lateral raise. You can also hook them up to a door with door anchors and then you can do chest presses, bent over rows, any kind of row. You can add in leg stuff with that too. You can kind of manipulate the bands in ways to get more creative and access different exercises you wouldn't be able to."

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