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Logan sophomore overcomes adversity


LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW)  For as long as Logan sophomore Kemmesha Thomas can remember she's always had her hand on a basketball.

"I like it, it's awesome. Every year for school it's like I can't wait until basketball starts. If basketball was a year round thing, I would do it day and night," Thomas said.

But what makes her so special isn't her dribbling skills or her jump shot, it's the way she dribbles and shoots.

She does it all with one hand.

"I guess I just came out of my mom with one and a half arms I guess and they didn't really know what happened earlier.  I think they were like you're born with it you just have to deal with it, I always thought it was going to grow.  In 1st grade I got in this huge argument, 'when I get older I'm going to have two arms, too.'  But it didn't happen."

Even with one arm, Thomas has learned to adapt, she's developed into an all-around player.

"She has all the skills any other basketball player would have and she doesn't use it as an excuse. That's the best compliment I can give her, she's never once said 'I can't do it', she always says 'Just tell me what to do and I'll find a way to do it'," said Logan Head Coach Jason Bahr.

Every time she steps on the floor, Thomas knows there will be doubters of her talent but she uses that as motivation to fuel for play on the court.

"When I play new teams the first thing that goes through my mind is 'Oh, they probably think I am not good enough for basketball.'  So I go out there and try my hardest to prove them wrong and show them I am at least decent.

Not only does Thomas excel on the court, she flies on the track.

As a freshman she ran the lead leg for the Logan 800 relay that won the state title.

Whether on the court or on the track, Thomas has thrived with the hand she's been dealt.

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