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Improper shoveling form could result in injury

ONALASKA, Wis. (WXOW) - Wellness specialists are warning people out shoveling this winter to not over exert themselves.

A heavy, wet snow like Thursday night's could make them more prone to injury.

According to Gundersen Health System Wellness Specialist Linda Larson, if not using proper form, people are more likely to slip and fall, injure their back or hips, and even suffer a heart attack.

That's because shoveling requires certain physical intensity and effort, according to Larson.

"It's a lot of muscle work. The whole cardiovascular system has to power those muscles. And so, it's vigorous activity. Most of us in our daily lives do light to moderate activity," Larson said.
The number of emergency room visits go up after a heavy snowfall, according to Larson.

To avoid injury while shoveling, she said it's best to bend your knees and let your legs do the work, avoid pressure on the arms and back, and take smaller amounts of snow.
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