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Congressman Paul Ryan puts blame on Putin

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WASHINGTON (WXOW) -- Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan blames Russian President Vladimir Putin for his country's invasion of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula.

In an interview with CNN host Kate Bolduan on Wednesday, Ryan said he thinks moves the Obama Administration has made in the area of foreign policy has projected weakness.

"I think when you have the world's superpower, having a foreign policy, that in my opinion is weak, and a defense policy now that shows weakness, I think it invites aggression. I think that it creates a vacuum that is filled by these types of actions," Ryan said.

But Ryan went on to say who he thinks is really at fault for the invasion.

"Let's be really clear, who is to blame for this? Vladimir Putin is to blame for this," Ryan said.

Ryan said he thinks Putin wants to expand his country's reach in that region.

"And try and reconnect, you know, former Soviet states in some way or fashion to his regime," Ryan said. "These are sovereign countries that are independent. That should be able to chart their own destinies. They want freedom, they want prosperity and more engaging with the west will help them do that and he's trying to frustrate that process."

Ryan said Russia should be, "ostracized in the world."

"They should not be rewarded for this," Ryan said. "Russia, if they act in this aggressive way, violating this sovereignty of another country, should be stigmatized for this in the world. Sanctions and other things we're talking about should be applied so they realize this is not a cost free exercise."
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