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Warm-up makes manure runoff a risk


LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - With spring on the way and temperatures rising in our area, Wisconsin agriculture and water quality officials are asking farmers to watch out for manure runoff.

They encourage farmers to avoid spreading manure during high risk runoff times.  If farmers must spread manure now, they should steer clear of high risk fields and have a spill response plan in place.  Farmers should contact their crop consultants or county land conservation offices for help identifying alternatives to spreading, such as stacking manure away from lakes or rivers, drinking wells, or area sinkholes or exposed bedrock.

"The main thing is to think about where we're spreading or having to apply if we have to apply and in many cases because of the large amount of snow and long storage period there are getting to points where people are having to get out and move that nutrient back out on to the field, so looking for those least risk places," said La Crosse County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent, Steve Huntzicker.

Officials are asking farmers to check the runoff risk advisory forecast online before spreading manure.  The forecast provides maps showing short term runoff risk for daily application planning.  Visit www.manureadvisorysystem.wi.gov for the forecast.

To find contact information for county conservation offices, visit www.datcp.wi.gov and information about preventing and planning for manure spills is available at http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/agbusiness/manurespills.html

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