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Project Mercy: Mar. 7-Glasses


Our time here is quickly coming to an end. Mark and I have been busy every day shooting video and interviewing as many people as we can.

Besides the Gundersen group there are two Princeton in Africa fellows.

Meghan is originally from Canada. She’s teaching English, biology and chemistry here. Meghan has also taken on a huge project! She discovered one of her students was having trouble seeing the black board, which made her wonder how many other students has vision problems. She also noticed not a single one of her students wore glasses. She started offering vision screenings a couple of weeks ago, but with 1,500 students here has been making little progress.

Sally Hilesland, a Gundersen volunteer, happens to be trained to offer the screenings. With the help of the Sally and some of the other Gundersen team members, Meghan was able to screen almost every student here! It turns out quite a few kids need glasses. Meghan has been able to secure some money from a chart group in Canada. She’s now making plans to get the students with the worst vision to an optometrist in Addis.

With some luck some of these kids will have glasses by next fall.
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