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City of Sparta businesses apply for beer licenses

SPARTA, Wis. (WXOW) - Sparta city residents can soon buy beer in convenience stores, thanks to an April referendum.

Before the vote, residents had to go outside city limits, now they will be able to buy beer and malt beverages in grocery and convenience stores within city limits.

Todd Fahning, Community Development Director for the City of Sparta, said so far six grocery or convenience stores have applied for a beer license.

The owner of the business gets a beer license, and other employees get a bartender license, so someone can watch the registers at all times.

The city has received 50 bartender applications. The police department is currently reviewing those applications.

The police department will help train the licensed bartenders to spot fake ID's and they will do regular compliance checks just like they do for the local bars.

Police Chief Mike Kass said they want to make sure alcohol doesn't get into the wrong hands.

Fahning thinks a couple more businesses will apply for a license.

Pending the approval process, convenience and grocery stores could potentially start selling beer by the end of May.

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