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Foster Families needed in La Crosse County

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) ---- La Crosse County says they have a shortage of adults willing and able to foster kids in the area.

To spread awareness of the need foster agencies around the country are sharing stories to get more families to open up their homes and their hearts to a child in need during the month of May which is Foster Care Awareness Month.
Love and stability is what Amber Semb says saved her life. It came in the form of a woman named Jean.

"She's very funny, down to earth and the kind of woman that would give anything to anybody," said Amber.

The young girl who once struggled to find her way found it after she was adopted by Jean. She graduated from college and eventually got married. Jean walked her down the aisle.

"She knew it was important to me and that I wanted her to do it. She cried the whole time," says Amber.

Amber shed a lot of tears too, up until she was 12 and pulled from a home with two alcoholic parents but instead of following in those footsteps she followed the path of the woman she calls mom.

"I guess it's hard to say where I'd be today but from other people I see if you don't have those people that step in and are supportive and kind of change your life it just cycles and you do what your parents do," says Amber.

Amber and her husband have an adopted daughter and 6 foster kids. She says it is her mothers love and kindness that gave her the strength to pay it forward.

"I think she's really proud that I'm continuing. We always talked about me doing foster care and I'm actually doing it in the house that she
was doing it in so I think that's pretty special and so does she," says Amber.

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