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Cost saving measures discussed for city's libraries

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW)- The La Crosse Branch Library Task Force is working with the library board to develop cost saving measures to keep all three library branches open in the city.

According to Andrea Richmond, chair council member, one proposed way to conserve on their $5 million dollar budget is improving energy efficiency.

Another way includes to to share multiple services and jobs with current employees.  They hope to better ways to utilize their employees by combining certain services. 

Lastly, Richmond said that collaboration within the community will play a large role. She said she hopes to create partnerships with non profit organizations and recruit volunteers to help out.

Richmond states, "The community needs the libraries open and that's the most important fact right there.  The community wants the libraries to stay open.  I think the library board knows our concerns, of course, and the library director has been working with us by coming up with some solutions."

The library board ultimately has full discretion on what can be done.  The Task Force's goal is to have a resolution in August for the start of budget discussions.
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