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COPY-Officials continue to monitor crime scene at Plover home


Officials from Wisconsin State Patrol and the Plover Police Department kept the scene of a fatal shooting under close watch on Sunday.

The shooting happened Saturday morning around 1 a.m. at a home on the corner of Easlan Driver and Cedar Drive in Plover.

Neighbors say a man who works for Portage County Sheriff's Department lives in the home where the shooting happened.

"They've just been hardcore monitoring it for the past 24 hours," said Elaina Schuh, a neighbor in the area.

It's a quiet scene compared to the day before.

Scott Ciesielski, a neighbor, says he was there when investigators arrived.

"All the sudden heard sirens and walked outside there's cop cars, ambulance, fire trucks, had no idea what was going on," said Ciesielski.

The Plover Police Chief says early Saturday morning officers responded to a report of an intruder and a shooting.

He says one person did die from the incident.

Neighbors watched on as authorities investigated the home and a red car parked nearby throughout the day.

"We walked down there it looked like something you'd see off CSI, like they had their boots on and masks on," said Ciesielski.

The chief says no one in the area is in danger. He says the shooting was an isolated incident, but some neighbors say they're still shaken.

"A little scary, a little alarming at first," said Cathy Ciesielski, a neighbor. "Been here 33 years you wouldn't expect something like that to happen."

The Plover Police Chief says the Department of Justice is now in charge of the investigation.

A spokeswoman says that she can't comment while the investigation is ongoing.

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