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Town of Campbell police chief under investigation

TOWN OF CAMPBELL, Wis. (WXOW) - The Town of Campbell police chief is under investigation for retaliating against a man who filed a federal lawsuit against him and the town.

Chief Tim Kelemen is accused of using the name and email of Greg Luce, a tea party activist, to sign him up on websites including,, and some porn sites. He also allegedly posted on the La Crosse Tribune website under the alias "Bill O'Reilly," often commenting with insults about Luce.

An investigation by the Monroe County Sheriff's Department said the IP addresses for those accounts trace back to computers at the Town of Campbell and Kelemen's home address.

Right now, officers haven't filed any charges against Kelemen. But the Town of Campbell board is meeting with their attorney, Brent Smith Tuesday to review the investigation.

"There can be two or three sides to a story," Smith said. "So in this case, I would just say whether it be the board members, whether it be the public, or whether it be anybody looking at this, we wait until we get all the facts out."

Luce is part of the Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment movement. He is suing Kelemen and the Town of Campbell for an ordinance in place that didn't let him post big signs to to town's overpass. Luce said it violated his civil rights.

Now Luce's attorney, Richard Thompson, is looking to add identity theft and wrongful activity to the case.

"What we also are looking at is how deeply did the chief go into Mr. Luce's background using department computers and the criminal history forms that police departments have," Thompson said.

Kelemen's attorney, Jim Birnbaum, said Luce was harassing Kelemen and his officers, and they were getting death threats. Birnbaum said his client did not think he was doing something illegal.

According to the incident report, Kelemen said this was just a way to "get a little back at him."

The La Crosse Police Department started the investigation. But after seeing that Chief Kelemen was involved, they turned the case over to the Monroe County Sheriff's Department due to conflict of interest. La Crosse County law enforcement has a close working relationship with the police chief.
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