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UPDATE: Town of Campbell statement on Police Chief placed on leave

UPDATE: Friday afternoon, the Town of Campbell issued a statement regarding placing Chief Kelemen on admistrative leave.

 Read the statement in its entirety here. 

The statement called the administrative leave as the investigation proceeds a "routine practice" and not a reflection on Kelemen's job status or any allegations of criminal activity. 


LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - The Town of Campbell has placed embattled Police Chief Tim Kelemen on leave pending an investigation into possibly illegal activity.
Kelemen is accused of harassing a member of a tea party group who had filed a lawsuit against him for violating his free speech rights. The conflict came after Kelemen enforced a city ordinance banning billboards from the Interstate 90 overpass on French Island due to concerns they would distract drivers below.
The group had organized a demonstration in which members displayed billboards calling for the impeachment of President Obama.

Kelemen is under investigation for using Greg Luce's name to register for websites, some of them pornographic, with the intent to embarrass him.
For his part, Kelemen has produced taped phone calls in which he himself is the target of profane harassment.

In addition to possible disciplinary charges in the Town of Campbell, Kelemen also faces possible criminal charges.
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