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Burke and Walker talk same-sex marriage and Act 10

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Madison (WKOW)-- Wisconsin's general election on November 4th is still more than five months away, but voters won't have to wait that long to hear the views from two top governor candidates in the state.

Both Governor Scott Walker and his democratic opponent Mary Burke were at events in Madison Monday afternoon. Reporters asked both candidates a variety of questions and it's easy to see that both have wide-ranging opinions on several issues. The most talked about issue as of late is arguably the debate over same-sex marriage. It's an issue Walker is hesitant to voice an opinion on.

"The governor of the state, no matter who it is, has no bearing on that issue. It's not a matter of changing position. My point the other day is nothing to do with changing position. It has everything to do with the fact that it doesn't matter, because it will be decided either in the courts or by the voters," Walker explains.

Burke, however, says voters deserve to know where their leaders stand on important topics, especially when it comes to social issues like gay marriage. She says if elected governor she would support it.

"I think the people of Wisconsin would like to hear what the governor thinks," Burke explains. "I know as governor I'm going to be clear about where I stand on issues and it seems pretty political to me that he seems now to be waffling on whether he supports gay marriage or doesn't."

Both gubernatorial candidates also voiced their opinions on the controversial Act 10 measure from 2011. If elected governor, Burke says she would keep parts of the controversial measure, but would work to repeal others.

"I would work to restore collective bargaining on some levels, the ones that don't cost money. I thought that making contributions to health care and pension were reasonable. Those were the big financial issues and so I don't see a financial impact from this," Burke explains.

Walker says he was glad to hear Burke voicing her opinion on Act 10. He says the measure will have a significant effect on the governor's race, because residents will want to know if their new governor will work to keep the measure or repeal it.

"I will continue to firm my support for Act 10, because I think it was good by putting the taxpayers of this state back in charge of the people we duly elect at the local level," Walker says. "It's brought savings for school districts, for technical colleges, for cities, municipalities and counties as well and I think it will going forward."

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