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Medical Monday: Wash Your Hands!

(WXOW) -- It's a simple, common-sense way to immunize yourself from disease, but hand washing continues to be an often overlooked part of hygiene. Dr. Sig Gundersen III detailed the troubling trend and how to protect yourself.

Dr. Gundersen said one of the most important ways to reduce risk of infection is hand-washing or hand sanitizing. He suggests washing your hands by scrubbing with soap or sanitizing liquid for 20 seconds. Gundersen says a good way to time that is by singing a verse of "Happy Birthday" once through in your head.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, you should wash your hands after any activities that could cause contamination such as preparing food, treating a wound, using the toilet, blowing your nose, handling pets and their food, or touching garbage. The CDC points out that soap and water are better than sanitizers when hands are visibly dirty.


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