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Department of Energy officials showcase alternative fuels in La Crosse

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Onalaska, WI (WXOW) - If you haven't shopped for a new car in a while you may be surprised at how the alternative fuel options have grown. Fuel alternatives are usually cheaper than gasoline and better for the environment.

On Tuesday, Department of Energy Officials showcased those alternatives in La Crosse.

Currently a gallon of gas costs about $3.50, while a gallon of CNG, or compressed natural gas, costs $1.79. There are many different types of fuel alternatives for cars; natural gas, propane, ethanol, and electricity to name a few.

There are about a quarter million natural gas vehicles on the road. Even though those cars can cost more than a gasoline-powered car to buy, energy officials say the cost-savings over time make up for that.

"The more miles you put on, the more money you can save," said Ruanna Hayes, Project Coordinator of Kwik Trip Commercial Fuels.

Besides the fuel-saving costs that these alternatives offer, most of them can be found right here at home.

"We want to have fuels that are here in America, so we don't have to go outside our borders. Be independent, that's what our goal is-to be energy independent," said Lorrie Lisek, Executive Director of Wisconsin Clean Cities.

Locally, Kwik Trip is very involved in getting their fleet vehicles to run on natural gas. They currently have more than 100 trucks, both heavy and light duty, that run on compressed natural gas. Kwik Trip said it plans on building almost 30 new compressed natural gas stations in the tri-state area.

A cost benefit, a health benefit, and energy independence are all reasons fuel alternatives are filling more and more tanks each day. 

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