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Committee hoping to add bike share program in La Crosse

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The move more committee, one branch of the YMCA's Pioneering Healthier Communities group, wants to implement a bike share program in La Crosse.

Bike share programs are used in various cities around the country. With a small fee, bikers can check out a bike from one spot within a city or town, ride it to a nearby location, and drop it off at another bike share location.

The move more committee met this morning to continue to discuss whether it would be funded by the city, non-profit, or privately, and they hope to implement this to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle—as well as an alternative form of transportation.

“Younger people coming out of colleges are actively considering the transportation aspects of where they're ending up working as a key ingredient as to where they go,” project leader Matthew Christen said. “So a company that's looking at hiring the best and brightest, this would be another facet to what they can offer someone to attract them to the area.”

Christen said with a bike share program, many people could benefit. "You would be helping impact people being more active, mitigating traffic, mitigating the needs for parking, helping the visibility of bicycles being around and safety and promoting some of that infrastructure."

Christen said the earliest that a bike share program would be implemented is 2016. Christen said there will be a public survey out within the next two weeks, and the move more committee will meet again on November 16th.

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