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UPDATE: Rescued Monroe Co. animals now recovering near Madison

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Photos provided by ASPCA Photos provided by ASPCA
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Fifteen dogs and a parakeet rescued from a hoarding situation in Monroe County Thursday are now recovering at a temporary shelter just outside of Madison. “The conditions were absolutely unacceptable for any human or animal to be living in,” said Bekah Weitz, the Monroe County humane officer.

An investigation by the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, along with Weitz, found the dogs and a parakeet living in a mobile home.

“There was a lot of feces and urine throughout the home,” Weitz said. “Structurally the home was unsound and there was a very strong ammonia odor that was not good for breathing.”

Also on the property, investigators found a number of dead animals. The surviving dogs were dehydrated and had dental issues. Due to the number of animals, Weitz called in the ASPCA to assist and in conjunction with the sheriff's department, a search warrant to remove the animals was executed.

“Monroe County is a very rural area and so taking 15 dogs at a time in such a small community is definitely a stresser and that was one of the main reasons the ASPCA was requested,” Weitz said.

All of the animals will be given medical and behavioral evaluations. Then they'll be given to local agencies for adoption.

“Right now they're doing great,” said Kyle Held, Midwest Regional Director for the ASPCA Field Investigation and Response Team. “They've had medical evaluations today, they're in a clean environment, they've got food, water, comfortable place to sleep.”

Held says it is a long process to make sure the dogs are ready for new homes. Meanwhile the owner could face criminal charges.

Photos from Friday at the dogs temporary home are in the slide show player attached to this story.

Authorities in Monroe County spend the day removing 15 dogs and a bird from a Kendall area home after the animals were found in poor living conditions.

According to a release from the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, as well as the Monroe County Humane Investigator, requested the assistance of the ASPCA in removing and sheltering the animals Thursday morning. 

The dogs and a parakeet were living in an overcrowded mobile home and were found living among feces, trash and rotting food.  The home was also poorly ventilated.

Based on an investigation by Monroe County Humane Investigator Bekah Weitz, a search warrant was executed Thursday morning for the removal of the animals.  The Midwest Regional Director of the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response, Kyle Held, stated: "Animal hoarding is a complex issue that can encompass mental health, animal welfare and public safety concerns."  ASPCA responders also discovered deceased animals on the property.

The dogs, ranging from Chihuahuas to Pomeranians, were in an showing signs of neglect.  They appears to also suffer from dental disease, dehydration and other medical concerns.  Most of the dogs were not spayed or neutered. 

The Monroe County Humane Investigator, Bekah Weitz, said, "It was clear that intervention was needed to help both the owner and the animals.  We couldn't have done it without such great support from all the agencies involved."

The dogs are currently at a temporary shelter, in an undisclosed location, where they will receive the medical attention and care needed.  The ASPCA will continue to care for the animals until suitable placement options are available.

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