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MU Law Poll director weighs in on voter ID decision

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MADISON (WKOW) – Marquette Law School Poll Director Charles Franklin said he expects Thursday night's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to block Wisconsin's voter ID law from being implemented in next month's election will bring some short-term finality to a contentious issue.

“I presume this puts the voter ID law on hold through the November election and then the US Supreme Court will have a full decision on it later,” Franklin said. “But through the back and forth on this law and with the very short time left until election day, this would appear to settle the issue and say we will not have photo ID in effect this November.”

Franklin said roughly 20 percent of the public remains confused about the photo ID law and what it means.

“There's been so much uncertainty with this law not in effect, then in effect, that there's still going to be a need to educate voters,” Franklin said.

“Our polling showed over ¼ of the public having the wrong understating of the law two weeks ago,” Franklin said. “Now that's going to be reversed with (the law) not being in effect.”

“But there's still a lot of education left to do with the public now in just these last four weeks until the election,” he said.

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