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Vinehout wins 3rd term in state senate


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Democratic candidates weathered a tough night at the polls but one state senator is on her way back to Madison.

Despite long faces and tears at the results of the governor's race there were still smiles at the democratic watch party in Eau Claire as Kathleen Vinehout won a third term in the 31st district. For much of the night it was a 50/50 race but Vinehout pulled away with a 52 to 48 win to defeat republican challenger Mel Pittman.

"It's a relief it's been a tough time for the democrats,” Vinehout said. “I'm sure thankful to the people of the 31st for to be able to go back to the senate."

Vinehout says getting democrats out to vote in mid-term elections is tough and that the party needs to spend the coming month soul searching on how to connect with their voters.

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