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Gov. Walker likely only has a few months to decide on presidential run

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Madison, WI (WXOW) - - Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington) considers himself to be one of Gov. Scott Walker's (R-Wisconsin) best friends in the State Capitol, but claims he's never heard him mention his future prospects.

"And in all of our conversations, not one time even kind of joking, Governor Walker has brought up running for President," said Speaker Vos.  "So, I think that is in many ways, a creation of the media."

But the Rep. Vos readily admits it isn't just the media, that there is a buzz among Republicans nationally.

"Is it surprising to me, when I go to national conferences, I have Republican legislators from every part of the country who say, 'if Gov. Walker runs, he's my guy,'? - no, because he's actually promised and delivered on what he said he would do," said Rep. Vos.

Madison-based political consultant Brandon Scholz also knows Gov. Walker well, and while he also professes to have no knowledge of his future plans, he does know a thing or two about what it would take to launch a presidential campaign.

"More likely, someone who's interested would file for an exploratory committee, which allows them to raise money, do travel, do polling, you know, those sorts of things that would allow him to get around, but they can't talk about their candidacy," said Scholz.

Doing those things in Iowa would be the first step.  Walker has a lot of big name allies there like fellow Republican Governor Terry Branstad, but Scholz says that won't be enough.

"Anybody running for President says, 'I got somebody in Iowa,'" said Scholz. "Well, chances are they need more than somebody, they need several people they know to build an organization." 

Then there is the matter of timing.  And while there is no formula for that, recent winners in Iowa have announced their intentions very early.  In fact, by announcing 8 months before the 2012 Iowa Caucus, eventual winner Rick Santorum (R) was by far the latest entry to win there in the last ten years. 

President Obama announced his candidacy 11 months before his win in Iowa, while 2008 Republican winner Mike Huckabee announced nearly a a full year before.

2004 winner John Kerry (D) announced his candidacy 13 months earlier, in December of 2002.

That seems to suggest, if he is serious about running, we will hear something from Governor Walker by next April at the very latest.
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