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A big buck poses for trail camera in St. Charles

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ST. CHARLES, Minn. (KTTC) -- Trail cameras have become more and more popular over the years that they are now common place. One former KTTC reporter went to check his St. Charles trail cam after a long hunting trip upstate. What he found was the last thing he expected.

Peter Schuneman drove all the way to Duluth to find a big buck, but little did he know, his potential prize was lurking in his backyard.

"My neighbors kept telling me that there's all sorts of deer up there and I've seen them every once and a while," said Schuneman. "She's seen them," he said as he pointed to his baby girl, Eva.

When Schuneman got home, he took his daughter up to check on his trail cam, popping the card out only to find his big buck staring right at him.

"I was sitting there on my laptop and you see, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, then holy cow, it's a pretty decent buck for being in St. Charles," said Schuneman.

Like many hunters, Schuneman put the camera up to check for deer.

"It's getting to be pretty much the norm now for hunters to be scouting their area with trail cameras," said Schuneman.

What he found confirms what many in St. Charles have been seeing.

"A lot of chatter in town about the deer. Some people like them around, some people think they are a nuisance. I figure as long as they're here I'm going to have a little bit of fun," said Schuneman.

He spread corn hoping to attract more, but it appears the buck stops here. "All the deer tracks there were more there in the snow, but they were all going right behind the trail camera, so they must have gotten smart," said Schuneman.

At least Schuneman can still hold on to the fact that this time, he did not let the big one get away.
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