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Hazardous toys to avoid this holiday season

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Holiday shopping has begun and a state-wide public interest group is providing its annual list of toys they want you to be careful about.

The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group released its 29th annual Trouble in Toyland report.

This fall, WisPIRG researchers went to area stores looking for toys that could harm kids. They said what they found was alarming.

One example they said, Jack and the Neverland tambourine, had more than nine times the legal limit of chromium.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission sets that standard.

Chromium and lead can be toxic to children and can cause chronic illness.

Another concern and the leading cause of recalls are choking hazards.

WisPIRG argued the current choke test tube, a 1.5 inch in diameter cylinder, needs to be bigger.

"This color-changing growing bug toy from Dollar Tree, for example. It doesn't quite fit into the choke tube if you just set it in but if you squeeze the legs even a little bit, it goes right in and poses a potential hazard," Maggie Oliver with WisPIRG said.

WisPIRG said one of its more harmful examples are ellipsoidal magnets.

They are not illegal because they are just barely bigger than the choke test.

If one or more is swallowed, they could cause serious internal damage.

WisPIRG wanted to stress common sense when shopping for toys this year.

Pay attention to warning labels, look out for common hazards like choking and be aware of little siblings.

Just because you buy a toy marketed for your 8-year-old, does not mean your 3-year-old couldn't easily get to it.

WisPIRG said you can find what they've identified as hazardous toys everywhere.

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