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Increasing trend between skin cancer and young people

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Mayo Clinic Health System in Onalaska is seeing more and more young people with skin cancer.

They said tanning beds are playing a role. Dermatology Physicians Assistant Mary Duh said just one visit to the tanning bed increases by three times the chances of melanoma.

Cancer cases may be going up, but Duh said so are the number of people coming in for exams. That often means doctors can catch the cancer early.

Duh said the best prevention is to stay away from tanning beds and wear sunscreen. "It almost seems like a guarantee that anyone that walks into a tanning bed is likely to develop the non-melanoma types of skin cancer," Duh said.

Non-melanoma types of skin cancer are usually not as life threatening but still something to be cautious of.

Dr. Duh said some signs to look for are any new or rapidly changing spots or one that look different than other spots or marks on your body.

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