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UW's Transformations offers tips to banish winter skin worries

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MIDDLETON (WKOW) -- It's another day of bone chilling temperatures. One thing that's always hard to do every winter is keep your skin, especially your face hydrated.

Besides continuing to exfoliate, One UW dermatology clinic in Middleton says it's all about drinking enough water. But that old saying about guzzling down 8 glasses of water each day is no longer the hard rule.

At Transformations, Medical Aesthetician Lisa Klein follows the new recommendations, calling for a different kind of water intake to keep your skin healthy in the winter months.

"You know, we used to always believe that it was eight 8 ounce glasses a day, so 64 ounces of water but really newer studies have shown you should drink half your body weight and that does make sense." Klein said.

"So, if you're about a 100 pound person you should drink about 50 ounces of glasses. If you're around 200, it should be about 100 ounces of water--which definitely makes more sense to have all your internal organs functioning properly." Klein added.

Klien said now is not the time to slack on your beauty regiment.

"Anytime your skin has to work harder, you are aging yourself."

And that's why she is worried about her clients because they often reach for products with mineral oil or a big no no: Vaseline.

"A lot of people misunderstand the difference between lacking oil and lacking water, so that doesn't mean that we all lack oil."

One of her favorite products for hydration is Hyaluronic acid.

"Sometimes throughout the day we get that crepeness under our eyes," Klein said. " I personally love any product with Hyaluronic acid in it."

"It holds a thousand times it's weight in water, so it's extremely moisture binding...and it's very user friendly," Klein added.

Besides Hyaluronic acid, Klein loves thermal spring water. She says spraying it on your face creates a big pick me up throughout the day.

And if your skin is really flaky, Klein says you may want to consider a peel. She says the chemical versions have safe acids in them and they use different amounts depending on your skin's needs.

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