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New Hampshire voters weigh in on Gov. Walker after his weekend speech

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CONCORD, New Hampshire (WXOW) – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spent the weekend in New Hampshire where he's leading in the 2016 Republican presidential polls against former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, but only slightly.

Some voters who listened to both potential candidates speak say they still have to make up their mind, while others want Walker to run for president based on what he's done in Wisconsin.

Voters in New Hampshire know the drill, and they accept it. They set the table for what happens going forward in a presidential nominating process.

11 months away from the 2016 New Hampshire primary, the Republican race seems to be all about two candidates.

“I heard Jeb Bush speak (Friday) and then (Saturday) Scott Walker and so I'm still very open-minded,” said Shannon McGinley, a New Hampshire GOP volunteer.

That was how a lot of New Hampshire Republicans spent their weekend, as both Gov. Scott Walker and Jeb Bush criss-crossed the state.

“I want to be able to hear and see everyone and understand where they're coming from and what their vision for the future for America is,” said Malia Boaz, a New Hampshire GOP volunteer.

Walker spent part of his speech bashing Democrats – including likely presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – and their views on how to strengthen the economy.

“I hear a president and I hear many of his allies like Hillary Clinton and others out there who I think believe that you grow the economy in Washington,” Walker said.

Reviews for Scott Walker from the right are very strong.

“I think when he goes to head with somebody like Governor Bush, you're gonna see a real difference in the two,” said Joe Mendola, a New Hampshire GOP volunteer.

Jim Luther, another volunteer, agreed.

“Frankly, the sooner Jeb Bush gets out of the race, the better,” he said.

While hardcore conservatives all said those types of things about Jeb Bush, there are reasons he's near the top of the field.

“He is a vacuum cleaner of dollar bills,” Luther said.

Along with strong fundraising, Bush also polls well among moderates and independents, which New Hampshire has a lot of – more than any other early primary state.

“We are a state where even voters who self-identify as being Republican or Democrat also have a strong independent streak in them,” said Jennifer Horn, the chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party. “They think for themselves.”

And those voters are the ones both Scott Walker and Jeb Bush will spend the next 11 months trying to win over.

Governor Walker heads to South Carolina later this week, the second 2016 primary state.

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