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Will Governor Scott Walker run for president?

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In a growing field of candidates, the question of whether Governor Scott Walker will run for president has yet to be answered.

UW-L Political Science professor Tim Dale said Governor Walker's policies have gained national attention and with them, he has risen into national prominence.

"He's a Republican governor of a state that typically votes for democratic presidential candidates, so it's already remarkable that he has established conservative credentials in a place people associate with democrats winning office, Dale said. "He has become a national figure head for some of the policies that he has been successful at pushing through."

Dale said many of Walker's policies line up with what Republicans across the country are interested in.

"He has become a hero for a lot of Republicans, really a representative of what Republicans would like to see happen across the country," he said. "So as the governor of a state that typically votes for a Democrat for president, many Republicans think he could do well in a nationwide race."

Brad Strom, from Hatfield in Jackson County, said he believes Governor Walker's ideals will help get the country back on track.

"I think he stands up for conservative ideals and I think that's what the country needs right now," he said.

But not everyone agrees.

"I don't think he's intelligent enough to be a presidential candidate," Joe McAlear, from Holmen, said. "He can't debate outside of his own circle."

Dale said he expects Walker will announce his candidacy within the next month, noting waiting any longer will make it difficult to catch up.

"The longer you wait, the more likely big donors will back other candidates and catching up on funding is extremely difficult to do," he said.

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