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WIAA members vote down multiplier

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Stevens Point, Wis. (WXOW) -

It will be status quo for the WIAA and it's member schools.

A proposal that would have changed the landscape of the WIAA and where teams are placed in divisions failed Wednesday.

School administrators voted 293 to 141 against a controversial multiplier for private schools.

If passed, it would've multiplied private school enrollments by 1.65 to determine their divisions.

The proposal was an effort to help level the playing field between the private schools and mostly the smaller public high schools.

So for now, private schools, including Aquinas and Luther, will continue to be placed in divisions base solely on their enrollment.

Here are the details on the multiplier from Wednesday's meeting in Stevens Point courtesy of Todd Clark of the WIAA: The membership of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association defeated amendments intended to address competitive equity concerns, and passed resolutions for coaches' certification requirements and adding basketball, hockey and volleyball to the list of sports with unlimited non-school contact in the summer at the 2015 Annual Meeting today in Stevens Point.

The membership voted to strike the language of the resolution advanced by the competitive equity ad-hoc committee. That resolution would have implemented a success factor and promote programs to a higher division once a threshold of success was attained over a three-year period. The resolution was replaced by an amendment to impose a 1.65 multiplier to all nonpublic school enrollments for divisional placement in the Tournament Series, excluding single-gender schools that already have their enrollments doubled. That proposed amendment failed by a 141-293 margin.

The second amendment attempting to address competitive equity, which was advanced by membership petition, was rejected by a 167-265 tally of the votes. The proposal would have applied a reducer to member schools' enrollment figures for future divisional placement. The reduction of enrollment would have been calculated using a formula for the number of free and reduced lunch students in a school.

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