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Everyone Has a Story: Bob Good

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) - It's the first installment of a new feature at WXOW- News 19 called, "Everyone Has a Story."

Our community is filled with interesting people you may encounter without realizing just how unique they are. These stories aim at inspiring you, touching your heart, and sometimes just opening your eyes.

For the first report, we are turning the table, or camera, on Bob Good. A guy who is making a name for himself in the La Crosse music scene.

"He looks like Jim Morrison in this picture. He's got the cool wavy hair, the intense passion singing, the skinniness. You know, just the whole extremeness about him," explains Good.

Night side, Good takes mind blowing pictures. But day side, you'd never guess Good's a maintenance manager at Torrance Casting. Good bought his first camera to take pictures of his granddaughter.

"Oh yeah, it's a passion," says Good, "It's definitely become like an artist thing, and there's no money in it. That's an artist."

Just about every night, Bob hangs out at The Warehouse--a La Crosse music institution.

Good illustrates, "There's a lot more music around here than I would have ever guessed. I've seen bands as far away as Japan there with guys older than me in a punk band."

For someone like Bob, it's paradise--a newcomer to the area with a love of music and taking pictures. The clubs are a gold mine full of photogenic subjects, like this transgender woman.

"She explained how her mother kicked her out when she was 8 for what she wanted to be. You know, that was incredible. Makes you almost want to cry inside," adds Good.

Even the audience oozes cool, and Bob gets it all on film.

"He's such a character. He's definitely got a look to him. He was just sitting outside The Warehouse between sets and he just looked cool sitting there. So I said, 'Hey, can I take a picture?'" displays Good, "The filter on the cigarette kind of gives you a time thing. But his tattoo, the fact that it says mother. It doesn't say anything vulgar. It's classic."

Bob says that rock legends re-energize him.

Good recalls, "Both ZZ Top and the Moodie Blues, they're incredibly old. Their fans are old. I mean, you to the La Crosse Center on a Tuesday night, and most of the fans are easily 20 years older than me. There were oxygen tanks in the audience."

The energy of the crowd, the downtown vibe, the click of the camera, and the sound of the needle hitting Bob's favorite record; all of these combine to keep Bob excited to see life through his own special lens.

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