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Jefferson Award Winner Hilda Matson

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They say miracles are made behind the walls of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and the woman performing them is Hilda Matson. 

Hilda is the Jefferson Award winner for the month of May.  Her friends and family say she has mastered the art of cutting coupons.

"Everyone would say no one can stretch a dollar like Hilda," said Fran Dieter, the woman who nominated Hilda.

Hilda helps families make ends meet and says there is no judgement as to how the family got in that position. 

"You get to know them.  You get to know the people. When we first started out I told the volunteers that if a man shows up to buy groceries for his family don't ask any questions just have him fill out the card 'cause it's hard enough for a person to come in and ask for food for their family. And if it's a man, it's even worse," said Hilda.

The pantry started in 1987 to help families not getting help because they were waiting for benefits to kick in.

"They were unable to get food stamps if they were working one month got laid off the that month they would have to wait maybe six months. Well what do you do for six months?  You've got a family to feed.  You didn't know you were going to lose your job," said Hilda.

Hilda says volunteering is more than satisfying, it's a way of life for her and her family.

"I think I get the feeling that I have helped somebody and I made a diff in their day and maybe their life and I'm very thankful for that, said Hilda.

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