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Bill Aims to Legalize Blaze Pink

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The color pink is breaking into a new sport. 

Wisconsin legislators announced a bill Tuesday that aims to legalize blaze pink for hunters. 

They say the bill is designed to increase the number of female and male hunters.

Democratic Representative, Nick Milroy is one of many lawmakers working with the Department of Natural Resources to create this bill in hopes of increasing the number of hunters in Wisconsin as well as evening out the number of female and male hunters. He says safety is always the number one concern with deer visibility being an added factor.

Milroy stated, "Blaze pink is just as safe as blaze orange. If you think about it, in the fall, there are a lot more oranges naturally in the environment. So blaze pink actually stands out a lot more in the natural environment. So there's a case to be made that blaze pink is actually a safer alternative than blaze orange."

In order to create the bill, legislators teamed up with textile expert, Dr. Majid Sarmadi through a new program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that connects individuals in the community with experts. Dr. Sarmadi conducted experiments that showed deer can actually see blaze orange better than blaze pink because of the way their cells are made up in their eyes. He found deer lack the cones that would allow them to pick up the color red, in turn they don't see it at all. This is turns gives hunters an advantage by investing in potential new blaze pink products.

Officials hope the bill will encourage apparel manufacturers to partner with non-profit groups working to get more people interested in the sport. They have received strong bipartisan support thus far and hope to see the bill passed after the budget is done sometime in late August. 

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