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COPY-Northern Indiana fire department offers 7 rules for swimming pool safety


As kids head to the swimming pool this summer, fire departments are urging parents to get involved to prevent a tragedy.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, says new data shows drownings lead the way as cause of unintentional deaths for children under five-years-old. A majority of them happened in residential in-ground pools. The Clay Fire Territory is reminding people of seven rules for swimming pool safety that can help reduce the chance of death and when enjoying swimming pools this summer.


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Precautions help keep kids safe in water

  1. Always have adults present when children are in the pool. If you invite other children over to swim, be sure an adult from that household comes along to help be a “water watcher”. The more eyes on the water the better.
  2. Empty inflatable or portable pools after each use, then store upside down.
  3. Have a fence surrounding the pool, at least 5 feet tall, with self-closing and latching gates for permanent above and in-ground pools.
  4. Keep pool areas free of toys when on one is in the pool. This helps to make the pool less inviting to young children.
  5. Enroll small children in swimming lessons
  6. Be sure to have a phone handy in case you need to dial 911
  7. Learn CPR. The more barriers you have in place the safer your pool will be.

The release said local YMCAs can provide swimming lessons. The Red Cross, Heart Association and Clay Fire can assist with CPR classes.With a few simple precautions, the entire family can enjoy their backyard swimming pools and all children can be safe from swimming pool accidents.

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