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UWL powerlifter ready to show the world who's best

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Andy Askow's passion for power lifting led him to become the vice president and head coach of the recently creating UW-La Crosse power lifting team.

But next week, Askow has a much bigger title in mind: World champion.

Askow will feel the weight of the world on his shoulders next week and love every minute of it.

"If I have a decent day I should break the world squat record by a lot. If I have a really good day I will break the world total record," Askow said after a recent workout at Iron Physique in La Crosse.

Askow is headed to Finland for the Classic World's Men's Powerlifting Championships.

He's the favorite to win the super heavyweight division in his age class, which is 19-23 year olds.

Needless to say, he's set the bar high for himself.

"I want to win is the first goal, then break the world record in squat is the second goal.

The attraction for me is that I can challenge myself to better myself every single day that I train. I can always work harder. I can always lift more weight. There's nothing stopping me from getting better."

Askow has already set personal benchmarks that would put him above world record levels.

He can squat 800 pounds, bench 500 and dead lift 700.

"When I was really young, like 4th grade, I got into football. And during the first football game I realized how competitive and just how much I loved just trying to beat everyone I could and trying to get better as an athlete. It just spiraled out of control."

Setting world records would be nice, but Askow knows you're only as good as your next lift.

"It's a great feeling for like 5 hours. Then it's always 'I can do better than that.' If you want an 800 pound squat you hit your 800 pound squat. Now it's 825, 850. Your goals are never reached."

Askow will compete on June 11 in Finland.

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