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Lightning Safety Awareness Week: how to stay safe during a storm

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

This week is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week. 

Lightning ranks 2nd among storm related deaths nationwide.

On average, lightning kills 50 every year and injures hundreds more. La Crosse National Weather Service Meteorologist Andrew Just said, "If you hear thunder, you're close enough to be struck by lightning."

Many lightning strike survivors say they were caught outside and couldn't make it to safety, while others waited too long before seeking shelter. Once inside, stay away from windows and anything else that conducts electricity such as electronics and plumbing,

Golf courses can be dangerous places to get caught in a storm because of how long it takes to get to safety. Forest Hills in La Crosse doesn't take any chances. Forest Hills General manager Keith Stoll said, "We have a policy where we clear the golf course. So if we have any sign of lightning, we clear the golf course. We use a blow horn to do so."

Forest Hills always has a radar up on their computer, and are always watching. If a storm causes golfers to end their day early, Forest Hills will happily issue a rain-check.

The National Weather Service says lightning can strike 10 miles from the storm. You should wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning strike or rumble of thunder before going back outside.

The News 19 Weather app will detect lightning and alert you when a strike is near your location. It is available for both Apple and Android.

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