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Wisconsin man golfs 150 holes


Most golfers average 18 holes on the course; one 68-year-old decided that wasn't enough.

"150 holes, I expect to hit the golf ball about 900 times," said Dale Reich, a retired teacher who enjoys golfing.

Reich skipped the golf cart and instead walked 30 miles for a full day of golf. He started at 5 a.m. and will finish between eight o'clock and nine.

"I don't know which part of me is going to get done first, but I hope it doesn't happen until 8 o'clock," said Reich. "I have to play the holes at a rate of about five minutes each. Most golfers don't play that fast, but this is speed golf."

Reich decided golfing for fifteen hours was the best way for him to help his local food pantry.

"I know we have hungry people in Adams County, and I know that it's our responsibility to give what we can," said Reich.

Unlike others, Reich uses his passions to help others.

"I think what Dale is doing today brings awareness to others that really are not associated in working with people in poverty and with the poor," said Fred Hebert, the executive director of Central Wisconsin Committee Action Council.

Awareness from Reich has brought more than one thousand dollars to the Adams County food pantry.

"Folks have put their faith in me," said Reich. "By putting their money forward ahead of time, I'm going to do what I can to make sure I get done today before the sun goes down."

This was Reich's second year Golfing for Groceries. Organizers say they always welcome donations to the food pantry. To find out how you can donate, visit their website.

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