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Ryan: Decision a long time coming

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If Tuesday is any indication retirement, or talk of it, will not take away Bo Ryan's sense of humor.

Ryan met with the media Tuesday, one day after he released a statement that he will coach one more season, then retire.

Ryan arrived at Tuesday's media session with a cane and a limp, poking fun at those who may have thought he was stepping down for health reasons.

He said this decision has been a long time coming. With opposing recruiters potentially using the uncertainty of his status against him, he decided it was time to make an announcement.

Ryan intends for this to be his final season. But he did leave the door open a sliver for a change of heart.

"I don't know. What do you say? It has to happen sometime. In recruiting, people use it against you. So, you've got to make a statement and then move on. What's kind of interesting is when you're working for a guy like Barry it's like, 'Hey. Want to retire next year? Fine. If you change your mind, fine.' So, that's where it is," Ryan said.

So Ryan leaves quite a legacy with 6 Big Ten titles, 14 NCAA Tournament appearances and back-to-back Final Four trips.

It should be an interesting farewell tour next season.

But Ryan isn't worried about it taking attention away from the players and becoming, as he says, a dog and pony show.

"When people come to the Kohl Center, I want them cheering for the guys running up and down in a t-shirt. Why else would you come to a game? They don't come to see some old guy walking on the sideline or someone who's trying to exchange recipes with the officials. People come to see the kids play, kids, young people 18-22 years old. I don't think our fans will do anything but that. I resent being referred to as a dog. Who's the dog and who's the pony," Ryan said.

Ryan re-iterated his wishes to see assistant Greg Gard takes his place.

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