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Major mayfly hatch expected soon

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Onalaska, WI (WXOW) -

Despite a couple of smaller spawns, US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) experts predict we're about 10 days away from this year's major mayfly hatch.

Using a model first developed more than 30 years ago and community input, the Fish and Wildlife Service measures water temperatures to estimate when conditions are ripe for a large emergence of the swarming insects. Experts say while the bugs are an annoyance, they don't cause any harm to humans—at least not directly.

USFWS Official Mark Steingraeber said, "The problem is when the mayflies are in such thick abundance, vehicles pass over them. The females contain so many eggs, so much lipids, fats inside them they turn the roadways into a greasy mess."

Officials say large amounts of mayflies are an indicator of a healthy waterway with plenty of oxygen over the past year. If you'd like to help out the continued study by reporting a hatch near you... Visit the website:

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