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Motocross gains traction in Spring Grove

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SPRING GROVE, Minnesota (WXOW) - -

Brody Srsen's most recent trip to Spring Grove was so much more successful than his last, he's decided to change his mind about racing here.

"It's fun basically. Last time I came here I was like 'aw this track sucks,' and now, I love this track, it's just so awesome."

The 6-year-old was riding before he could walk. On Saturday, he took the checkered flag in his ATV mini quad race as mom Sarah cheered him on.

"That was probably the best race he's had all year and he's really starting to push himself," she said. "So it's exciting and it's scary at the same time."

Sarah knows all too well the flux of emotions her son is experiencing because she's pulling double-duty, driving her own quad against the boys, just like she used to when she was younger.

"I missed it terribly," she said. "It was horrible to be away this long, and definitely filled that gap."

While mother and son don't race quite yet, they offer proof that racing truly does run in the family.

"Huge family. Every weekend it's the same people, we get together, You know, it's racing," Sarah said. "It's fun, and then the kids play off the track, the parents all get to be close and we have life-long friends from back when we were racing that we're still great friends with."

As for the motherly advice Brody receives before each race?

"No one tells me, I just do it by myself," he said, prompting mom to laugh.

Perhaps mom is saving that for a future battle on the track.

You can learn more about Spring Grove motocross by visiting the group's Facebook page.

*Special thanks to Matt Gutzman for contributing to this report

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