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Roller Derby helps La Crosse woman battle her demons

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Roller derby is the only thing that takes Holly Bjorge's mind off of her turbulent past. The physical nature of the sport helps her deal with her aggression from being a victim of abuse at the hands of her stepfather. Holly wasn't the only victim. 

"He had broken her wrist probably five times when I was a kid. I mean I have all these pictures of my mom with a cast on and I never knew why my mom broke her wrist so much but it was because my stepfather broke it so many times," said Holly.

"You know a lot of the time with my mom and my step dad I would threaten to tell my mom about the stuff my step dad was doing to me and
then he would threaten to take her life and then it was stuff like that, at that age, at 10 years old it was too much for a child to deal with so I started running away," said Holly.

Holly spent her days and nights with the wrong crowd which landed her in jail. Its something that still haunts her.

"Getting in trouble while you're locked up and going in to solitary confinement, those were very dark, deep times.  I'm a very anxious person and I blame it solely on the fact that I was stuck in a cell hours upon hours upon hours doing nothing," said Holly.

When you watch Holly skate, it appears as though she is without a care in the world. But her demons are always close behind.

"I still struggle with anxiety, depression, all that stuff. You know you can try to forget, but it doesn't go away. Being alone is not a good thing for me so I just keep busy as much as I can," said Holly.

After years being locked up, Holly says she feels free for the first time and gives thanks to a pair of skates and the ladies of Mississippi Valley Mayhem.

You can see the team play their next bout on July 25 at the Onalaska Omni Center. 

For more information go to the Mississippi Mayhem Facebook Page

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