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Mayor Kabat says he doesn't need a raise

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Mayor Tim Kabat says he may have to use his first veto in a council decision that will affect him personally.

This Thursday, the city council will vote on a 10 percent raise for his position.

The annual salary of the Mayor of La Crosse is around $77,000 a year, but some members of city council believe it should be closer to $85,000.

“I think that the compensation for the mayor's position is more than adequate,” Kabat said. “When you look at how La Crosse stacks up to our other cities around the state, similar size and similar positions, I'm not seeing a real big difference in their compensation.”

Several members of city council say the pay increase will reflect the importance of the job.

“I think from my standpoint, it's not necessary,” he said. “We have the last election that I remember very clearly and there were 11 people running for mayor, so it's not as if we're hurting for candidates to run.”

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