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Badgers fans getting a kick out of Gaglianone

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 Rafael Gaglianone announced his presence with authority last season by nailing a 51-yard field goal against LSU. He followed it up with a little flair.

"The dance is just sort of something that just happened."

The freshman had plenty of time to display his salsa skills. He connected on 19-of-22 field goals. It was the second most accurate season in school history.  The burly Brazilian quickly became a fan favorite, as witnessed by teammate Troy Fumagalli.

"His fanbase is pretty wild."

  That fanbase expanded this summer when Gaglianone posted video of himself kicking the ball off his old high school teammate's nose. The video went viral prompting kickers around the country to follow suit.

"We just posted it to our friend groups on Instagram. We thought it would be funny. Then, it just kind of got out of control."

The sophomore loves having fun but is serious about his craft. His early success has him confident more is in store.

"It gives me a clear mind to focus on just kicking and making field goals which makes it all so much easier."

With every make this season, the legend of Rafael Gaglianone will grow and so will his dance skills.

"It's fun. I still do it every now and then but probably bring something else out different for the next few games."

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