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A day in the life of a Quintern

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

When the word intern comes up, some of the things that come to mind are the employee that gets everyone coffee or the person that follows a mentor around. However, at News 19 I was not just a student of the station, but a daily contributor to the stations daily operations. 

My second day as a Quintern I was asked to head out and shoot a softball game. It was like I was thrown straight into the fire, but it taught me to adjust and learn quickly. There was no hand holding with this experience. News 19 expected me to learn and make mistakes, because the only way a person can learn is by making mistakes. 

This job gave me many pleasures that I was paid to do. As a sports Quintern I was able to go to baseball and football games, soccer and golf matches, and even races at the La Crosse Speedway. I was also able to assist Sports Anchor Nick Tabbert on a feature in the Wisconsin Dells on a national champion swivel skier. 

When ever the sports week was slow I was able to help the busy news department out in any way I could. I did things like reporting, shooting video, and producing stories for broadcast and the web. There was never a dull or boring moment. As a member of the News business there is always something to do. In most jobs time passes gradually, but here time was a deadline.  

This experience was key in my development for this kind of career. Opportunities like this are essential to make it in this field. This summer was priceless. My passion in life is sports and this is the avenue I would like to take to reach that goal. This is something I would highly recommend for anyone looking to head into the journalism field.

WXOW News 19's Sports Quinternship program has changed my entire perspective for this career. I now have the confidence that I have gained over the last three months that this is something I can do. The idea of becoming a sports journalist is no longer just a simple dream, it is possible. 

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