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Angie's List: Extra Material Shouldn't Cause Extra Problems

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"Extra" is usually a good thing. Extra time to complete a project, or extra cookies in the break room at work, but when a contractor shows up at your house with extra materials from a nearby job and says he can make you a great deal, you should spend a little extra time thinking about it before you say yes

Homeowner, Maryanna Phillips was out in her yard when two workers from an asphalt company pulled up. They said they could seal-coat her cracked driveway for $300 with materials left over from a job down the street. The job was sloppy. Mayanna's decorative stone and yard ornaments were sprayed with sealant. Even worse, the excess asphalt was dumped on the street and splashed onto her car causing more than $1,200 in damage. She immediately tried to stop payment on her check, but it was too late.

She said, "I know better than this. I used to take calls all day, every day with people who got scammed just like this. Like I said, I know better. She played on my heart."

Angie Hicks, Founder of Angie's List said, "It's sad, but there are unscrupulous contractors out there, so you as a consumer need to beware. Be cautious of anyone that comes to your home and tries to encourage you to take a deal on the spot. A deal today should be a deal tomorrow."

Angie also said that quality contractors don't approach homeowners with left-over materials and a special, low price, and if an uninvited worker won't leave when asked, call local authorities and stay inside.

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