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Angie's List: Check Your Vehicle's Brakes

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No noise is good noise when it comes to your vehicle's brakes, but what happens when you do hear a squeak, squeal or grind? Is it an immediate safety concern or can you keep on driving? 

A little squeak, a grinding, they all can mean different things, but sometimes they can mean a big repair bill is right around the corner. Many people will drive on after hearing an odd noise, hoping they won't hear it again, and some of them will get lucky. The sound that should cause concern is the grind. Some might describe it as a low growl.

That noise indicates rotor damage, which is a major safety issue.

Robert Vawter and Fred Kuhn, both Automotive Service Technician said that if the brake pad is chewing into the rotor that can cause that wheel to lock up, whether it's on the front of the vehicle or the rear of the vehicle. It could be dirt and it could be the pads are starting to glaze over. Sometimes a couple of really good, hard stops will fix that, but if it continues, it's best to have it looked at.

The cost of a brake job can vary widely depending on the type of vehicle and the extent of the damage, but Angie says to expect to pay between $200 and $300 if you only need new pads. Double that if you also need new rotors.

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