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Angie's List: Make Sure Your Home is Winter Ready

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La Crescent, MN (WXOW) -

Angie's List says energy experts are predicting warmer temperatures this winter.  That means, lower energy costs.  Still, it's a good idea to make sure your home is winter ready.

One expert says sealing air leaks is the easiest and least expensive way to improve your home's energy efficiency.  Dan Welklin suggests doing your own test to help find leaks.

Here's more advice from Angie.  Use your fireplace wisely.  It feels great when you're next to it but it can allow cold air to come in.  Also, Angie's List suggests installing a programmable thermostat and lowering your home's temperature by at least three degrees from where you normally keep it for eight hours or more.  That will result in noticeable savings.

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