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Ballet La Crosse dancers prepare for Cinderella

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Antoinette Key Antoinette Key
Amanda Schams Amanda Schams
Laura Kammer Laura Kammer
La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Dancers with Ballet La Crosse are preparing for their 3rd season opener, featuring a classic fairytale. 

Cinderella, a full-length, classic ballet choreographed by Ballet La Crosse artistic directors will feature about 60 local dancers ranging from ages 7 to 17 along with two adult dancers and four professionals. 

The ballet is based on Cendrillon, penned by Charles Perrault in 1967, which provided the foundation for Disney's animated version. 

Antoinette Key, Administrative Director for Ballet La Crosse is also a parent of a dancer and said it requires a lot of time, hard work, and dedication.

"They meet every Tuesday. Different groups are going to rehearse for an hour. Then always on Saturdays, from one o'clock until five o'clock. But we had three weeks of summer rehearsal where they were here every day from nine until five all summer long. So it's a huge commitment," said Key. 

Amanda Schams, Associate Artistic Director for Ballet La Crosse said Cinderella will be performed in three acts and is appropriate for all ages. Schams added that it teaches dancers much more than choreography.

"I definitely think respect for the arts, love for the story. It's an aspect of working as a team but in a different way then you would with sports. So we're not there to win but we're there to support each other. Every sing role is important whether you're young or you're old, whether you're on stage for two seconds or two hours, we're all important. We're all there, we're all critical for this show to work," said Schams. 

Cinderella will feature various classical moments and characters including the fairy godmother, stepmom, and stepsisters; but there are some changes. 

"Many people might be familiar with the Disney version but you'll notice with the ballet story, the father is still a prominent role, he's still in this story. You'll notice maybe there's not blue birds but there's still mice. There's many aspects that could be similar but then you can pick up those differences," said Schams.

Laura Kammer, a senior at Logan High School agreed that the long hours of practice help to prepare her for the show and life. 

"The self-discipline, that's definitely one. Time management, because I'm here and I have to balance dance and school and work and piano," said Kammer.

Ballet La Crosse is designed to increase exposure to and appreciation for classical performance arts in the community. It also provides opportunities for youth in the area to experience training that imitates the professional world. 

Main role performers include:

  • Abby Inglett, Westby High School junior, Cinderella
  • Katie Peterson, La Crosse area junior, Fairy Godmother.
  • Katie Reischl, Professional dancer, Stepmother
  • Carolyn Ross, Coulee Christian School junior, Stepsister
  • Emma Anne Bulman, Caledonia junior, Stepsister. 

Cinderella will be showcased on Saturday, November 28 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, November 29 at 2 p.m. at the Weber Center for the Performing Arts.

Tickets for the Saturday performance are $22 for orchestra seats and $18 for balcony. Tickets for the Sunday performance are $20 for orchestra and $16 for balcony. Tickets for youth age 18 and under are $10 for both shows.

They can be purchased at the Weber Center box office, by phone (608) 784-9292, or online at

MORE INFORMATION: Weber Center for the Performing Arts

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