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Big Ten says "no catch;" Badgers still disagree

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 Many who saw the end of the Badgers-Northwestern game Saturday were bracing for an apology from Big Ten Monday.
It didn't happen.

Those who watched, especially Wisconsin fans, thought there's no way that replay official made the right call overturning Jazz Peavy's catch in the finals seconds.
    Instead, Bog Ten officials told Paul Chryst the call was correct.
    But it's a play that has so many wondering, what is a catch anymore?

You can look at it a million times and it still appears Peavy caught the ball and took four steps.

     You can also see his knee hit the ground before any movement of the ball.

     Even after a review of the review, there's still little clarity among the Badgers. 

 "I thought it was a catch but when it goes to replay it's up to those guys.  It's disappointing that they came up with the conclusion that they did but that's what replay does," said quarterback Joel Stave.
"That rules been debated so much you see it in the NFL, you've got to complete it all the way through even when you're rolling on the ground.  There's just so much gray it's out of your hands most of the time," said receiver Alex Erickson.

"Once it was called it's what it is and we still had opportunities, we still had opportunities and we didn't execute it," said head coach Paul Chryst. 

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