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Angie's List: Travel Agent Trends

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Travel is the focus for today's Angie's List. You can go to the internet for help, or you could use a travel agent. The American Society of Travel Agents says the country's 64,000 agents account for 80 percent of all travel sold in the United States. A good travel agent will track your progress and step in when things go wrong, like a connecting flight that cancels while you're en route.

Kathy Duvall, a Travel Agent said she loves being able to take care of her clients as they travel. She said sometimes she will receive a message from clients experiencing difficulty with their travel and she'll jump right in. "I say no worries, I'll follow your plane. By the time they land and they're late, their flight information has already been updated. I text them - here's your next flight, go catch it, have a great time."

Angie Hicks, Angie's List Founder said hiring a travel agent can save you money and hassle. "Hiring an experienced travel agent can be a great idea if you've got a complicated trip or if you're traveling internationally. They'll be able to coordinate the hotels, the airfare, any tours you want to take, and they may have access to special packages that you couldn't find on your own."  

Angie did say that If your vacation plans are simple, a weekend get-away for example, then a travel agent may not be worth the investment, but many agents are paid by the hotels and other vendors they work with, so there may be no fee.

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